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18627 Shurmer Rd
Strongsville, OH 44136
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Donna Casey
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1 Star
By Visitor
The staff is educated just fine moron. It's how the employees are treated that is what makes the place a shit hole. John Corey only cares about money. He isn't there half the time to realize what the fuck goes on. He's too busy putting people on floors who don't belong there. Lisa is a stupid anorexic hoe. Bitch, if you treated your employees with respect maybe they would be happier where they worked. Oh and how can I forget bipolar Barb Capadona. Everything about you is fake. BITCH GET A PERSONALITY AND NEW HAIR. I'd give this hell hole 0 stars if I could.
5 Stars
By Visitor
1 Star
By Visitor
Unqualified rns. The staff is not educated for the needs of the elderly. Understaffing is a grave issuebut the admistrator. Believes he has the best of the best. They are not even close. You have to constantly tell them to even take a tempetature. They really did not even Care if they ate or drank their fluids. Uncaring and oblivious