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By Debra Levy
Recent clients, a couple in their late 80s, wrote a poem to describe working with me on their joint memoir, a gift to the couple from their three daughters.
“Yes, everyone famous has a book written about them. But not about average people, that was the problem. So Deb found a unique and overlooked solution, with family honoring their parents with utter devotion.
Giving Deb loads of information equally of our matriarchs and patriarchs; for this, she gave us high marks. She interviewed us in two-hour sessions, listening intently to the highs and lows of life's lessons, questioning timetables of our long history so in the oncoming book there would be no mystery. This kind, gentle, warm, and friendly interviewer put us at ease, quickly apparent to any viewer.
So why are we writing about our new friend Deb Levy? She did a fabulous job on this book, making it entertaining, informative but not too heavy. Photos of family and friends scattered among the pages bring back memories of family life in different stages. In closing, we’d recommend Deb for any family history book whether rich or poor. Because, when she is through, you couldn’t possibly ask for more.”