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3825 S Western Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
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Dr Jim Barnett Sr & Katie
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I was a patient Of Barnett Vision Since shortly after I was Adopted in the 80's. When I got married, had kids we all continued to go to them for services. I decided to "Upgrade" at my last appointment with them to a digital lens. I was told to start wearing them the next day, which I did. Come the next day it was like looking out of a fish bowl. My depth perception was terrible, and they just didn't feel right. Fast forward midday, I pulled into a parking spot and the a combination of things occurred and I rubbed a vehicle next to the spot I was pulling into. (see the lengthy write up attached) Well there are Spots (water marks on the lenses) I was told this is normal and they don't tell people because (then more people would complain) Well I left a note on the gals car I rubbed, Paid out of pocket for repairs and needless to say wasn't happy, Had my wife drive me home and went back to my old glasses. This is were I thought the business I had been with for 20+ years would step up and do the right thing. Instead when I went in to try and talk to the DR's I was told they were busy and couldn't see me, So I ended up just planting myself in there office till they were finally forced to talk to me. They took no responsibility. At that point I paid out of pocket for an exam at another clinic and was told that my glasses had THREE issues! YES THREE! And that is why it appeared to me to have a fish bowl effect, depth precepting issues ect. I sent a certified letter to Barnett and all I got was a call from the secretary, the DR couldn't even bother to take the time to call and tell me to p*ss off which is all it was. I had planned to take them to small claims after we got our new home completed but now everything is closed with this Virus so I am doing the next best thing. I would avoid them, All I wanted was my exam money, glasses money and maybe half the damages I paid to her vehicle back, That's it! They goofed up! I have the other DR's notes and the photos of the glasses. But instead they Hid and avoided me like me and my family weren't paying customers for 20 some years.