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800 Westgate Rd
Washington, IL 61571
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Monty Watson
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1 Star
By Visitor
Horrible customer service. One star review is because of Chef Monty! Couldn't get in touch with him the week before to finalize menu details after leaving several messages. When we did he was rude, and acted annoyed that we wanted to get in touch with him about our WEDDING menu. He was very rude the day of the wedding at the reception as well! He acts like his business is the greatest thing but he obviously does not know how to treat customers and is the opposite of a professional! Would never recommend to anyone!!
1 Star
By Visitor
The one star review is solely because of the business proprietor, "Chef Monty" and his horrible customer service during the planning process and on the day of the wedding. I would like to mention that Chef Tammy and the people who actually stayed to serve were polite, nice and easy to deal with. Chef Monty was not. When we went to the tasting with Chef Tammy, we were pleased with the food and with her. We had difficulty getting in touch with Chef Monty during the planning process. We left him both phone messages and emailed him twice before he called us back. He said he didn't realize he needed to contacted us, even though we had asked him questions, and specifically asked him to contact us, leaving our phone numbers and email. He was condescending during the planning process, acting as though our stress at not being able to contact him was unnecessary and annoying. I would like to point out that Chef Tammy did call us and apologize for our difficulty getting in touch, and the workers who stayed at our wedding were wonderful and polite, the one star review is solely because of Monty's horrible customer service (or more like lack or customer service). He was rude the day of. We ran a bit ahead of schedule, so the parents of the bride went to let him know that if he did get anything ready early, the guests would be ready to eat, that was all they said and were polite and just wanted to let him know what was going on. I don't think it's unheard of for people close in the wedding party to want to know when food would be ready. He was extremely rude and yelled at the mother of the bride!! On the day her daughter was getting married! There is no excuse for a business owner to yell at the customer just for that, much less the mother of the bride!! He likes to brag about how he has been in the business for 25 year, but I don't understand how that is possible given his lack of customer service and disorganization in the planning process. I wanted to leave a review so other couples to be don't make the same mistake we did. Once again, this review is all because of Chef Monty, NOT Chef Tammy or the rest of the serving team. They were very polite and good at their jobs, not him.