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Enrique Diaz
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DG was hired to renovate our master bathroom which including shower, flooring, freestanding tub as well as painting and other minor repairs.

Within a month of installing our expensive marble tile floor there are multiple 3 ft long and 5 ft long cracks in the tile due to improper subfloor preparation and improper installation of the tile. Hot and cold water are reversed on our shower. Shower exchaust fan was not properly vented to the soffet or roof. Tub does not get hot only lukewarm. We have made numerous repeated attempts to get Enrique to repair/replace the floor etc. via telephone, text, and email. His answer "Not my problem." He is non-responsive. Even had the nerve to come back out to look at the floor, blame the cracks on something totally nonrelated and wanted to charge $4800 to repair the unrelated item and basically refused to repair the cracking tile floor they installed incorrectly. **STAY AWAY** RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO FIND ANOTHER CONTRACTOR THAT WILL STAND BY THEIR WORK. D&G WILL NOT!!