Fugate Enterprises/Taco Bell

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208 S Maize Rd
Wichita, KS 67209
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Sergio Roman
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1 Star
By Visitor
We were seated at the Sparta Tennessee Pizza Hut for about 20 minutes no one came to wait on us the employees were in the back discussing the previous nights fireworks laughing and having a good time the people Nextel us said they were waiting on a to go box for 30 minutes there was 3tables occupied in the entire place terrible experience will never go back
5 Stars
By Visitor
I worked for Fugate Enterprises for over 10 years and it was a wonderful place to work for . Larry is a wonderful person to work for . He really cares about his employees.
5 Stars
By Visitor
Wonderful, generous company with professional staff. Does great things for the community.
1 Star
By Visitor
Fugate is a greedy thief enabled by earned income tax credits to skrew employees out of a reasnable wage burn in hell
1 Star
By Visitor
Terrible corporation with terrible people running it. Also, some of the district managers don't follow the company's policies but expect employees to, and then tell an employee he/she is breaking policy when they are do nothing wrong and isn't mentioned in the policy.