John J. Molloy, Attorney

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4268 Seneca St
West Seneca, NY 14224
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Horrible experience. Went to trial using Molloy and I regret using him. There's no doubt he used me as a 'token". A token is when a lawyer or prosecutor uses a person for a case further down the road.( you're actually sold out!) I watched Molloy dump the case and I was sent to prison for decades. I was stupid that I didn't fire him on the spot when I brought up an incident where I had a segment from 20/20 showing that the FBI agent who was investigating me was loose canon who actually fired shots from a gun into the residence of another FBI agent along with other dirt that the agent was reprimanded for. Molloy's exact words to me were: " I will not embarrass the FBI"! Great... so you're gonna allow me to go to prison for decades because this FBI thug is your friend!! Very hard to get along with and very disrespectful too. Do yourself a favor and call Joel Daniels if you have a criminal case. Way too many K Mart type lawyers out there, and Molloy is one of them...