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PO Box 3264
El Paso, TX 79923
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Robert Barragan
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This company charged my mother an arm and a leg for “first time clean up” and hardly trimmed her back bushes and left the grass really long where seedlings were still on top of the grass, which defeats the purpose of cutting anything down. They promised to help grow the grass to “golf course quality” but didn’t do ANYTHING, not even cut it. Don’t charge $260 to walk around and offer your opinion and not cut anything or even do any work. Maybe at least offer to put weed and feed instead of waiting for the y’all grass and seedlings to do that, which is the reason we hired a lawn and landscape service in the first place. And this was ONLY the backyard. We would never recommend this company and we will be calling the owner back this week to come finish the job they BARELY started.