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10000 Mc Pherson
White Lake, MI 48386
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Steve McPherson
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I had a well that 4 other companies refused to bid on the job because of the tight spot and narrow entrance to get to my well. I was almost ready to go through the expense of switching to city water until I contacted McPherson. McPherson gave me a quote with a low and high range. Explained what they thought was wrong what they will need to do and the range would cover unexpected but possible problems. They were also going to clean the well and sanitize it. They had the right equipment to handle the narrow entrance and tight spot to work in. They came, completed their work quickly, showed me what they were doing as they did it. They did run into unexpected problems (some pipes were welded), but were prepared to handle and resolved it quickly. My bill was on the low end of the estimate range. My well now has more pressure and appears clearer than I can remember. Also, considering they had to dig a hole about 5 feet deep and 4 ft x 4ft square, they did not leave a big mess and did not mess up my grass except for where the hole actually was. I am happy to recommend this company for the quality work and quality replacement parts.