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5875 Gore Pl
Austell, GA 30106
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Loretta Kaufman
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1 Star
By Visitor
I'm a regular of their Dallas store. I live by and work by that food depot plaza. They allow young people to close the store the problem is some hang out in the back and get high. There's a young lady who looks no older than 18 involved in this type of behavior. If you ever drive by at nigh go around the back and you will see them. Next time I will call the police.
1 Star
By Visitor
I recently worked for Dakota enterprises and all I have to say is they really do hire petty little low life 20 year olds to be a manager. The manager at my store never gave people hours, tells everyone she doesnt like drama but shes always in it, doesnt give people hours if someone doesnt want to work with them then says nobody wants to work with that person that's why they're never on the schedule, threatens to fire people or handle something and never does, and picks favorites. Even if I try to call corporate nothing is going to be done about it I wish they would take it into consideration when people quit for the same things no wonder why nobody wants to work for them anymore.
1 Star
By Visitor
One of my children works at one of the Subways owned by this company. Even after I complained to someone there at their corporate office, they still let underage teenagers close the store by themselves and the store is right next door to a convenience store that has been robbed 4 times. I complained more than once with no results. My child is quitting and I'm glad.
2 Stars
By Visitor
I work for Dakota Enterprises recently but did not stay long because their pay is minimum wage and just for me that is not enough however it would be good for teenagers or School students and for the pay to be so low they are really strict and other employees are rude to customers and that is embarrassing when you're standing beside them however I had a wonderful manager I just think that the company puts a lot on her plate and do not treat her fairly I think that she is underpaid and overworked she cannot keep employees because the pay is so low and all of the competition fast food restaurants surrounding them pay a lot more so of course people will quit and go somewhere else and it leaves more stress for her because she gets in trouble for things not being done and she dedicates most of her time to that Subway even though she has a child her restaurant is clean and she is always customer-friendly I just think that Dakota Enterprises should take better care of they're good workers they should notice a job well done and they should be rewarded.
1 Star
By Visitor
Former employee here. I feel as if Dakota cannot run their stores well at all. Store manager was extremely rude and refused to cooperate with my health issues and she had known about them since I had been diagnosed. I missed a lot of work because of it, tried to make it up and then ended up messing my surgery up, so my leg went numb and I fell and she tells me I cannot leave the store and then tells me that I have to wait for someone to get there before I leave then demands a hospital excuse!! After going to the ER I went home and never contacted her again, and never went back to work. Dakota Enterprises either needs to find people who know how to treat their employees like humans, or shut down because the way they run things is not humane. I will never eat/work at a Subway run by Dakota Enterprises ever again. I do not recommend anyone doing so either.